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PlaceholderAPI Endless Quests

Learn how you can integrate almost any other plugin into your quests.
BattlePass supports PlaceholderAPI’s placeholders for quests. Here you will learn how you can add any plugin, which has PlaceholderAPI's support to your quests.

PlaceholderAPI - placeholderapi_match_<PLACEHOLDER>

Description: When the placeholder is resolved for the player, it will progress if the variable is the same as what the placeholder resolves to. E.g if the type was as placeholderapi_match_essentials_flying and the variable was true, if the player was flying the quest would progress.

PlaceholderAPI - placeholderapi_integer_<PLACEHOLDER>

This works by matching your listed placeholder to a specific number. If your PlaceholderAPI's placeholder was %player_level% your quest would look like this: placeholderapi_integer_player_level Example, if you wanted to make a quest which activates as soon as player reaches experience level 100, you can set up a quest looking like this:
1: # Quest id
name: 'Reach Exp. Level 1000' # The name given to the quest.
type: placeholderapi_integer_player_level # Your quest
required-progress: 10 # The level player should reach
points: 10 # The amount of points that will be rewarded
item: # The item that will be displayed in menus.
material: experience_bottle:0
amount: 1
name: '&eExperienced'
- '&7Reach Exp. Level 1000'
- ''
- '&7Progress &e%total_progress%&7/&e%required_progress%'