Quest Specific Regions

For any quests that you would like the progress it not be progressed in, simple add blacklisted-regions to the quest you desire as shown below.
1: # Quest id
name: 'Daily - Miner' # The name given to the quest.
type: block-break # The type of quest
variable: coal_ore:0 # The block the player must break.
required-progress: 10 # The amount of times the player should break the coal ore block.
points: 10 # The amount of points that will be rewarded
blacklisted-regions: #The regions where the quest will not progress
- 'no-mining-region'
- 'noCoalRegion'
item: # The item that will be displayed in menus.
material: diamond_pickaxe:0
amount: 1
name: '&eMiner'
- '&7Mine &e10 coal'
- ''
- '&7Progress &e%total_progress%&7/&e%required_progress%'


  • WorldGuard